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Silberauto aims to help those who have innovative ideas and ambitions to achieve more. We support technological education, safety and driving culture.


The projects supported by Silberauto meet the following principles:


- clear target audience in accordance with our trademarks;

- the project shall be important to a wider group of people at state level;

- the result or objective shall be apparent, valued at the national or regional level;

- it shall be related to vehicles – priority is given to support, when vehicles are used;

- opportunity to offer the clients entertainment during concerts, competitions and other events;

- society needs are reflected – we support culture, health care, sports, etc.;

- priority is given to regular partners and long-term projects;

- we are happy if it includes a known person with a faultless reputation, fighting for his ideas;

- we do not participate in projects introducing other vehicle manufacturers;

- we do not participate in projects not satisfying our or society values.

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